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Bob is available for group speaking engagements. Using his book, How to Strengthen Your Business, as the backbone of his lectures, Bob will dive deeper into the concepts that made him successful. Learn more about his techniques and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in dialogue by booking today.

The following are examples of topics offered:

  1. How To Get Your Team On the Same Page
    The greatest asset a business owner has is their employees, so why do so few owners make them into a profit making machine? Learn how to figure out your employees best assets and how to utilize them to profit your business.

  2. How to Measure Your Business
    We measure milk and gas by the gallon. We measure a football field by yards; we measure a trip by miles. So why don’t we measure our business on a daily basis? Learn what metrics to use, how to visualize them, and most importantly how to present them to your team.

  3. How to Increase Your Profit
    Do you have a plan for the next 4 weeks? How about the next 3 months? Does every employee know who is doing what, to whom, when, and for how much? Do your employees know what the Profit plan is for the next 3 months? Learn the various aspects to increasing profits and creating a stable work environment.

  4. What is Expected From an Owner?
    Do you know what your employees are expecting from you? It is probably much different than what you expect from yourself, we’ll cover what an owner needs to know and do in order to run a successful business.  

  5. Are Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Killing Cash Flow?
    Massive growth in your company, great right? Not if your receivables and payables are getting ready to crush you like a bug. You better know how to control these two cash flow demons. We’ll focus on “Headlight” and “Tail light” accounting so you know where your business has been AND where it’s going.

  6. Banking and Finance
    Are you asking for the correct loan or mortgage? Are you trapping huge amounts of your company’s equity because of poor leverage? Bob will guide you into the world of financing and how to avoid common banking mistakes.


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