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About Strengthen Your Business

Turning around a failing business can feel like trying to stop a runaway train. But no matter what industry you’re in, becoming profitable isn’t impossible. In fact, it isn’t even complex. Companies in any field can be revived – and Bob Bethel can show you how.

In his fifty-year career, Bob has returned over 70 floundering organizations to profitability, using the same proven strategies and hard-won wisdom to retire each one. In Strengthen Your Business, Bob lays out his no-nonsense approach for building a profitable enterprise, sharing invaluable advice and techniques such as these:

  • Focusing on decreasing costs instead of increasing revenue

  • Leveraging your greatest asset by bringing your employees into the process

  • Crafting a 90-day plan to ensure accountability

  • Becoming a true leader instead of an average manager

Whether your company is in need of strengthening or you’re looking to forestall any future fiascoes, Bob’s approach will take any business from surviving to thriving – and will empower any entrepreneur, business owner, or leader to make the change themselves.

“If your business is underwater or underperforming, I’ve been in your shoes. I’m here to help you turn things around before you hit rock bottom.“

Bob Bethel

Strengthen Your Business, Page 16

“If you’re reading this and you have dreams of starting a business, I hope to show you a blueprint for what works, and help you understand whether you’re truly ready to start a business.“

Bob Bethel

Strengthen Your Business, Page 19

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