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About Bob

Bob Bethel is the orchestrator of 77 business turnarounds over the past 50 years. His early successes and troubles in his career inspired Bob’s passion for taking over struggling businesses and making them profitable. Bob has turned around companies in every industry imaginable and has helped save over ten thousand jobs. A graduate of the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University, Bob owns several businesses across the southern United States, is an Eagle Scout, and teaches three-day on-site seminars for all types of businesses.


In September of 2017 Bob released Strengthen Your Business, which draws on his experience of increasing profitability of businesses, laying out his no-nonsense approach for building a profitable enterprise. Find out more about the book here.


Bob is a Tennessee native who grew up the oldest of four children. Beginning his journey in the workforce with a paper route at age five, Bob hasn’t been without a job since. In his early twenties, Bob embarked upon a business venture that completely failed. With no other options, he dedicated himself to hard work and, with that determination, was able to turn the failure into success. 77 businesses later Bob is still going strong. The passion he has found for helping people figure out their strengths and weaknesses and then utilizing those traits has allowed him to succeed time and time again, eventually leading him to write Strengthen Your Business in order to share his knowledge and experience with a wider audience.

Following in his parent’s footsteps Bob also became a father of four. In his spare time he enjoys reading, boating, and biking around the city of Orange Beach, Alabama, where he resides with his wife, Reese, and their two dogs, Frasier and Niles.

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